28 March 2013

“UNEXPECTED GIFTS: FAILURE…” a Reflection + Review by @IrishRemix8406 Michael Overman


As I finish my time with the Marin Foundation, I’ll be writing posts based on chapters from Unexpected Gifts: Discovering the Way of Community byChristopher Heuertz, a friend of mine and of the foundation.

How a community handles failure—the failure of the group or the shortcomings of an individual member—demonstrates more than anything the strength of that community. And nothing can destroy a community faster than a spectacular failure handled poorly. 

Oh, how true this is. In my time with the church, both as a member and in leadership positions of different sorts, I’ve seen how well, and not so well, the body of Christ handles the reality of failure. I’ve seen what it looks like when communities that are supposed to be oriented around grace forget themselves and engage in ways that are cruel, damaging, hurtful, and downright ugly….

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“UNEXPECTED GIFTS: FAILURE…” a Reflection + Review by @IrishRemix8406 Michael Overman

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