28 April 2012

Identity :: Divine DNA

Our true or essential self is not defined by what we have, what we do or what others say about us. Our Divine Center, our Core Self, knows that we are liberated people with access to unending love and no life circumstance can deny us that. We have divine DNA. That means we are capable of exquisite creative work. That means that by the grace and presence of God, we really can change the world? But it’s not going to be easy. The signs of the time are troubling. Poverty and exploitation, war and terrorism, environmental degradation and over-consumption plague our planet. It is estimated that 27 million people are victims of modern day slavery—trafficked into all forms of bonded labor, including the commercial sex industry. Today in Kolkata India some of my friends are fighting for their freedom from such an exploitative “trade.” Though there are marks of beauty, creativity, justice and peace, we have a long way to go before our world is as it ought to be. God knows the world needs us to engage in the creative work of the Great Spirit.

(photo credit: Danielle Powell)