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Our fast-paced lives are filled with distractions, frequently leaving us disillusioned and dissatisfied―with ourselves, with others, and even with God. Spiritual practices that used to sustain us fall short when life circumstances bring us to the limits of our self.

Mindful Silence illuminates some of the fundamentals of contemplative spirituality, drawing from a wellspring of wisdom from the tradition and Phileena’s personal experience.

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Join Phileena in rare and vulnerable conversations as she reflects on the themes of Mindful Silence. Eight inspiring mini films (10-20 minutes in length) edited by Travis Reed of The Work of the People, accompanying each of the eight book chapters.


“Phileena writes here with such simple clarity—and easy readability—because she knows she does not need to prove, convict, or defend anything. Mindful Silence contains not just her wisdom but the spiritual wisdom of the ages that is again standing the test of time and showing itself in the fruits of incarnational holiness. It is the great tradition of action and contemplation again showing itself.”

Father Richard Rohr, O.F.M.

“Phileena Heuertz brings together the wisdom of Christian mystics past and present with her own sage vision of contemplative spirituality. Mindful Silence penetrates the heart and mind, pointing us to return to the wellspring of life found in the still small voice that emerges when we engage solitude, silence, and stillness long enough to hear it. Mindful Silence is sure to become a classic of our time.”

Larycia Hawkins, Woodrow Wilson Department of Politics, University of Virginia