Spiritual Direction

Thank you for your interest in meeting with me for spiritual direction.

Following is some information about my spiritual direction practice that will be helpful as you decide if you’d like to schedule a session. Please let me know if you have any questions or considerations.

My spiritual background and mother tongue was formed in the Christian faith tradition, but I am not aligned with any particular institutional religion. I have been supported by various religious and spiritual traditions and in turn support clients from various backgrounds.

My work is spiritual—supporting the client toward greater integration (wholeness) psycho-spiritually, which leads to greater vitality; enabling you to live into your highest self. We work together on deepening your fluency with all three intelligent centers: mind, heart, and body, to facilitate and open to further healing, growth, and transformation. I emphasize somatic experience and work with embodied wisdom.

I am a trauma-informed certified spiritual director in the contemplative-evocative method, via rigorous three-year training in the Jesuit (Ignatian) tradition, with additional training in bio-spiritual focusing.

At your first appointment we can go over all the introductory info, particulars about my training and method of spiritual direction, questions you may have, etc. Then you’ll be able to experience a session and determine if it’s what you’re looking for. If you choose to pursue further appointments, the regularity of meeting is really up to you, though most clients like to meet monthly.

Contact me to inquire about my rate and get scheduled.