29 June 2012

Imbalance and Disillusionment

If we stay committed to social, ecological, political and/or economic change for very long at all, most of us will reach a breaking point. Most of us will reach a point where we’ve tasted all we can of the suffering of our planet. Some of us will burn-out. When that happens, it’s a sign that practices that formerly sustained us in our life journey or faith and service have fallen short; they don’t support us and keep us energized for the journey like they used to. When that happens, though it can be troubling and create some imbalance and disillusionment at first, what I’ve found is that it’s actually an invitation to go deeper—an invitation to a deep spirituality, a deep reality that sustains and motivates us in the world with all its unexpected and undeserving twists and turns. Contemplative spirituality is a way to restfully and peacefully engage injustice, apathy and cynicism with an opposite spirit and connects us to a wellspring of life that makes righteous impact.

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