02 November 2011

Muse Rodin

“The world needs people who will allow time for God to recreate them, play with them, touch them as an Artist who is making something beautiful with their lives.” -Don Postema, Space for God.

The Muse Rodin in Paris is the most moving art museum I’ve ever visited. Rodin’s non-conformity with the time as depicted in his sculptures was inspiring. His ability to capture the unseen-the hiddeness of a person in a sculpture was remarkable. Rodin’s sculptures communicate the essence of humanity in all its mystery, brokenness, and awe.

There was something of God in the presence of those sculptures. Perhaps it was the creation of form out of something unformed- like marble. How this art echoed God creating everything out of nothing, but more pointedly- humanity and our relationship to God. Nearly all (if not all) of Rodin’s sculptures were the form of the human body.

How they invoke thoughts of God’s way with us, with me. How God formed me and touched me and still touches me. How God embraces me with all of my seeming imperfectness. How what I see as imperfections are not imperfections at all but marks with purpose. How my humanity is frail, but divine. How God transforms my brokenness to wholeness- and not necessarily in the way I would expect.

God transforms my mind so that I no longer see imperfection, but now I see beauty and am filled with awe, wonder, and gratitude.

God touched me, touched you. We are beautiful.

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