16 March 2016

Tears and Kale

Last night, as I was preparing dinner, I was listening to an interview with one of my favorite teachers, Mirabai Starr, about feminine mysticism.

The chicken curry was simmering in the pressure cooker. Rice was steaming in the pot. And carrots were stewing in Indian spices.

I was at the sink, delicately and tenderly rinsing the hearty green leaves of what has become a central part of my diet, kale.

During the past six months I’ve been healing from endometriosis, a hormonal illness that affects nearly 180 million women around the world. By Grace, I was introduced to a couple of phenomenal healers right here in my hometown of Omaha, Nebraska: Nicholas Schnell of Four Winds and Andrea Lawse of Artemis Natural Healing.

Both extraordinary herbalists, they draw from the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and other traditional herbal practices. Their practices recognize the healing nature of plants. Drawing on the truth that the body possesses power to heal itself, the plants work in harmony with the body to support it and stimulate its healing function. With the use of herbal tinctures and adopting an anti-inflammatory diet, I’ve seen extraordinary healing of symptoms of hormonal imbalance, liver compromise, and pain.

And kale…that luscious plant that holds so many healing properties, has been a mainstay for me in my weekly diet. Sautéed in coconut oil with fresh ginger, garlic, and turmeric, my body absorbs it like water.

So there I was, baptizing Kale, listening as Mirabai transmitted feminine wisdom, and I began to weep. Quietly, gently, like the water running over the kale.

The divine feminine in me was crying for release. Having been held back and repressed for far too long, it was as if my spirit mingled with the Great Spirit, the Creator God, who holds both masculine and feminine qualities. But these qualities have been out of balance in our world. And as my tears mingled with the water running over the kale, we were both being swept up in the Mystery of God who longs to be recognized in everyday lives.

Plants are not only healing my body, they are freeing my mind.

Greater release, means greater personal healing. And greater personal healing means greater cooperation with the Divine in the healing of our world.

*photo credit: http://healthywayoflife365.com/amazing-health-benefits-of-kale-powerful-fighter-against-cancer/