19 May 2011

the city that touches the sky

deep blue sky

warm, life-giving sunshine

cool, mountain air

i am on top of the world at 13,000 feet above sea level

the air is thinner here

making me grateful for every breath

life is tangible here

tugging at my mind, my body and my heart—

enticing me to all at once to breathe in reality and mystery and

burst open with joy

peace and


the mountain ridges hem me in creating a refuge

for my aching heart

in the distance I see the snow-covered peaks

that beckon my longing soul 

in the evening the moon radiates it’s enchantment 

and the stars twinkle their elusiveness

what are you trying to say to me?

let me understand the language that you speak

make me open to your wisdom

la paz

the city that touches the sky…the sky that captivates my heart