29 June 2011

The “Sacred” Character of Gender

Non-dual thinking seems to apply also to the world of gender, but as I say in my book, The Naked Now, we have not largely read the Scriptures from a contemplative or non-dual mind up to this point. I now believe that none of us can recognize the authentic sacred, except with a both/and, or non-dual, mind. Dualistic thinking will divide people into either/or worlds where the genders cannot heal or inform one another, but instead are in competition. Dualistic thinking will give us lust instead of love, patriarchy instead of community, domination instead of cooperation, and mistrust or fear instead of reconciliation of opposites. It is exactly in our wholeness—not merely one or the other—that the image of God is revealed and we are healed. I believe, therefore, we can rightly and fully speak of gender as a direct connection to the divine and to our True Self, and therefore sacred self.

From “What Do We Mean by the ‘Sacred’ Character of Gender?”
Radical Grace, Winter 2011, Vol. 24, No. 1,
The Sacred Feminine, The Sacred Masculine