04 January 2013

Unexpected Gifts : Discovering the Way of Community

This review of “Unexpected Gifts” by Chris Heuertz just in from Stuart Erny, Director of Campus Ministries, Anderson University. Truly if you are committed to community, this is a MUST read.

Check it.
Read it.
Gift it.

“Unexpected Gifts: Discovering the Way of Community” brings a freshness to a topic in danger of growing stale: community.

It is honest. It’s not often that a leader is so forthright, confessional even, about personal struggles, mistakes, and regrets.

It is refreshing. Throwing open the doors and windows and letting in some air so we can all breathe a little easier and deeper. This transparency contrasts deeply with the more common posturing to prove something….competence or holiness or effectiveness or whatever the case might be.

It is gritty. Tackling very real but seldom addressed areas like failure, doubt, grief, disappointment, sexual energy and even boredom.

It’s nuanced throughout with Chris’ international experiences (like traveling the ancient Camino pilgrimage), to biblical exploration (like considering the reasonable pragmatism of Judas) to personal anguish (like the decision not to have children) that keep it real, insightful and compelling.

I highly recommend this read if you have any interest in community, leadership or living an authentic life of faith.”