22 March 2011

Good News

My new young friend, Zahaan has driven me inward. The outer journey tends to grasp and cling and look for a way to satiate what is uncomfortable. The inner journey is patient, invites surrender, embrace and eventually revelation.

Clearly from my previous post you know that I was deeply moved by the birth of my friends’ son. If Zahaan can provoke such good feelings of selfless love, how must God be moved when God gazes on each of us?

We are the children of God, no? No matter the color of our skin, the culture of which we are born, the religion of which we ascribe or even our sexual orientation, are we not all the children of God?  Did God not make each one of us?

Regardless of how we understand or communicate our identity, we are children of a mysterious, wondrous Creator. As the Psalmist writes, we are “fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Holy Scripture also writes that even if a mother forgets her child, God will not forget us. And anyone who is a mother or who knows a mother, knows that a mother’s love is extraordinary and non-relenting. And even if we’re not parents, children have a way of compelling us to sacrificial, generous love.

If a newborn baby can evoke such bighearted sentiment from us, how much more must God respond to the gift of each of us?

I am overcome today by the hope in a God who loves each of us more than we can imagine.